We will probably never know what dogs really feel. Scientific studies indicate that dogs hold a wide range of emotions such as fear, anger, and joy. Training is perceived by many as a process that can cause great suffering and frustration We asked to use Gilad Somjen from the Dog Health Center and to understand how to do it right


Gilad Somjen: "Recent research in the field reinforces the assertion that effective training does not have to be based on punishment and aggressive treatment, and it is angry to see that many of my colleagues have not changed their approach and are adhering to cruel methods".

Maintaining focus and concentration is an important element in the training process. When entering the practice, it is important to create a clean environment from the disorders both for us and for the dog.

Gilad Somjen explains, "The starting point for everyone who enters the coaching process is patience and the recognition that it is done slowly, and in order to prevent disappointment and frustration, it is important to plan the steps and goals in a measured way. That you want to reach at the end of the practice"

During practice, attention should be paid to every detail of dog behavior. Gilad Somjen "you have to be in full concentration and attention, and any parallel activity is liable to harm the process and the transmission we are trying to convey.

Effective practice begins with proper preparation. The meal before the start of the practice should be easy and not burdensome to maintain high alertness. During the practice, prizes will be given in the form of snacks. "It is recommended to surprise each other and to divide each time a different surprise: the connection between success in the mission and compensation must be clear and immediate," adds Gilad Somjen

Training As suggested by Gilad Somjen of the Dog Health Center, the emphasis is placed on strengthening the sense of security.

"Repeated processes create a sense of security, and it is important to keep constant signs for the beginning and end of the exercise, the energy, and the atmosphere during exercises should be positive, be patient, because the dog senses negative energy, keep the exercises short and focused. "As part of the atmosphere, make sure that every practice ends with a good taste of success".