Haim Toledano International hair designer "Many myths and myths have given hair a powerful and passionate image, a symbol of beauty and sexuality." Clearly, Cleopatra and Samson the hero are key figures in glorifying the importance of hair to human image.



To maintain an aesthetic look, a haircut is determined according to some criteria. But what do we really know about the same criteria and how to properly adjust hair to a facial structure?

Ask for help from Haim Toledano. Get some tips that will help us choose the right hairstyle which often functions as an image statement.

Haim Toledano, who in recent years has become a well-known hair designer in the international arena, claims to see the profession as a mission. In particular in promoting a new generation of hair stylists.

The rationale behind hair styling says Haim Toledano is the quality of hair and facial structure. "Thick hair reduces the number of options while thin hair requires a design that combines volume, it is important to combine your mind and your personal feeling.Overside any trend or trend or other your comfort will project on the look."

You probably want to know how to keep and create a well-groomed look over time. In fashion, there is no compromise - the one who is supposed to be comfortable with what is created for you in hair and the way there is in the communication that is created between you and the professional. Haim Toledano notes that it is vital to know how to maintain the level of care and maintenance even outside the barbershop. "It is important to learn to nurture your hair at home with the help of high-quality products that are adapted to the situation and type that will take place."

During the transition season, most people suffer from dandruff. The causes of this change are the weather and the fact that the skin is naturally renewed. A thorough cleaning of the skin during dandruff will reduce the phenomenon and reduce the amount of dandruff on the scalp and hair.

Haim Toledano notes that the operation of light tones in the hair is recommended to be renewed once every four months. "If you do, keep an up-to-date and well-groomed look, the hair will look uniform and painted from the roots to the edges."

We have not forgotten to ask for a small tape recorder for the next trend in the summer of 2018 in the hair industry. "I expect that bright shades of bronze, chocolate brown, various blonde types will set the tone this summer."