"You must understand the mentality there before embarking on a trip"

We sent our correspondent Yakov Cohen to report on the experiences of the tourist in Mauritius


Yakov Cohen" Mauritius Heine is a wonderful and diverse country, beyond the amazing landscapes it is evident that the main attraction lies in its multicultural influence: French, English, Indian and Mauritanian.

"I travel a lot in my life" said Yakov Cohen " but I can certainly testify that I found in Mauritius the nicest and most courteous people ever me

the more wild and authentic the south, the more desirable north-western area, the east and west of the island filled with charming places and also Less tarred. "

Yaakov Cohen adds, "Mauritius is rich in sugar cane fields, and you can stop and pick and enjoy sweet food everywhere, as part of the island's heritage, there is a lot of rum on the island and all the drinks made from it are very popular throughout the island"

The costs are very variable. The accommodation we were able to find is relatively expensive. The cheapest hotel cost $ 160 a night. Local food can be very cheap and the food inside the hotels is rising in price. Really recommend eating in simple local restaurants, stalls that see a queue of people. That's how we discovered wonderful foods! Among other things, you will find stalls with large jars that sell various vegetables and fruits

South Beach:

Bel Ombre

One day we went for an independent walk at the Frederica Nature Reserve - highly recommended, The road is very easy to travel, the reserve is beautiful, the views breathtaking, the guide was very nice and explained everything. We stopped to bathe in a wonderful waterfall and returned.

In general, the southern coastal strip is full of villages and spectacular points to stop with the vehicle. It is simply fun to stroll through the villages, stopping from time to time to eat and staying at the local places".

West Coast:

Black River

. It offers several great excursions: a stunning road trip to Le Morne. We climbed the mountain for a spectacular view of the bay and the area. The beach is full of spirit, great for surfers Kate has the opportunity to rent equipment, do classes, and there are vehicles that sell food and drink

We went to visit a large Indian temple Grand Bassin Temple - interesting and worth taking a guide to get explanations. Very fun for those who are connected and love India.


Another trip to which we left and is a must - 7 Cascadas - Wow! Seven waterfalls in a wonderful nature reserve. It is best to close in advance with a guide

Maybe it is worth sleeping there the night before the trip because you have to get up early in the morning to walk through all seven falls. We walked only four and happily continued.


For those who love extreme, you can also walk in the falls with rappelling equipment and suits - looks very fun. On the way, we stopped at various points and beaches on the way, drank a cocktail, had a bite or just sat there and read. It's very fun to take a long car or something that you can retire on the beach and sit for a while It was excellent.