With Moneynetint, now it’s a simpler process for sellers located around the globe to open a US or EU bank account. Unlike regular virtual bank accounts, it's now possible to open a real bank account, without any minimum deposit, registered under each client's name and get a unique IBAN number.



Many people who have international businesses and dealt with exhausting hurdles when it comes to transferring money globally. Moneynetint provides a solution - a very secure US/EU bank account which will ease the life of many international online merchants. Once a Moneynetint account is opened, any client will have the option of receiving and sending funds to any destinations he would like, without any limits that may apply to other virtual or "aggregated" bank accounts.

If you ever wanted a prestigious foreign bank account but didn't want to handle the tiring bureaucracy or to invest the effort it takes in flying abroad to the destinated bank – opening an account with Moneynetint is made quickly online, so there is no need to meet the bank manager in person anymore.

Some of the exciting features Moneynetint provide: there are no fees or charges for opening the account or any minimum deposit, unique IBAN number under the client's name and more.

There is a growing trend in technological developments that help businesses who want to grow overseas and work with each client, regardless of location. Thus, applying the statement that the world is a small global village. Many global real estate companies and online traders have started using this service that solves unnecessary complications and provides flexibility and speed to a company that deals with foreign clients.