Moneynetint prepaid MasterCard scheme a reloadable card that you can issue to your clients, affiliates, workers and yourself.

The Moneynetint prepaid MasterCard can be issued in three different currencies: GBP, USD & EUR (one card per Individual per currency).


The card enables purchases in all around the world and draws cash in millions of ATMs. Whether the cardholder travels to one or several destinations, Moneynetint prepaid MasterCard is the best way to take money for travel.

Moneynetint prepaid MasterCard ensures that you control your expenses. You will not be able to use it beyond the amount you had charged.

Want to limit the amount of money you spend? Load the card with the amount you have deducted. That way, you can be sure you won't exceed your budget.

Actions that can be performed with the card:

1. Purchase offline and online products.

2. Local currency withdrawal on ATMs

3. Payment in local currency.

4. Card to card Transfers

Want to get your own Moneynetint prepaid MasterCard? You're only 3 clicks away!

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Log in to your account >>> My Account >>> Issue card >>> Fill up the details for whom you want >>> Press the Submit button and your card is on the way!

* Ran out of money on your card? No problem! You can sign into your Moneynetint account, recharge your card and you use it immediately!

About MoneyNetInt

MoneyNetInt - the best solution for you of foreign exchange and international payments.

They offer their customers, individuals and companies, services with competitive rates, access to wholesale markets and flexible payment options.

MoneyNetInt is headquartered in London and with operations in Europe, Asia and Middle East.

They will guide you through the global currency markets to ensure that you can maximize your opportunities and minimize your risks - thus adding real value to your business.