Moneynetint claims that money is an abstract concept and this is one of the reasons why it is so hard for us to follow. But today, thanks to your smartphone, you can be on the pulse of the current account and always know where you stand.


First, Moneynetint suggests that you should download your bank app. All major banks now have excellent applications that you can manage your account with, make bank transfers, check your credit charges, order checkbooks and even deposit through them. In general, if you want to start working correctly with your money (or with your minus) you should visit your bank account at least once a week. But to make a real change it is not enough to check your account once a week; you should keep an expense diary, which sucks in itself, but there are quite a few applications that will make despair more restful for you. Your credit card application and your bank show you, a few days late, the movements in your account, so you can see what you've spent, what you've been out and when you've been issued.

There are completely free apps that will help you keep track of your spending. Some more elaborate and some less. But all of them amount to the fact that you can document the amount of money you spent and what you spent on it. Also, write down the payment method. Our smart phone - smart indeed. Instead of writing notes and losing them, we have a note app! You can simply write down the date of expenditure, the amount and what you spent the money on. Just right?